So you think you’re ready for kids? Parenthood

Becoming parents can be an incredible step to take with your partner. Yet, it also has the potential to change your relationship dynamics. Kristina, a busy lifestyle blogger, writer, and soon to be mom of two shares her journey and experiences as a parent.

  • How meeting your partner can change your mind and open yourself up to something that you’ve closed yourself off to before
  • It’s not always the biological clock – How passions and careers can influence your decision to have kids
  • Addressing fears and concerns about becoming a parent
  • How to connect with your partner during pregnancy and after the baby is born
  • How to maintain your sense of self life and not just your parental identity


  • Communicate in real-time with your partner about your needs- “go to the bones”
  • Always find time between parenting duties to focus on yourself and connect with your partner
  • Realize that children depend on you for everything – you need to have patience and change your lens to understand their thought-process and feelings


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