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  • Have dating apps changed dating forever?

    Are we more desensitized to dating because of dating apps? Is “Organically” meeting someone better. What are some of the advantages of meeting someone through an app vs organically? How […]

  • Who pays on the first date?

    We answer the age old question who pays on the first date? Is it a case of old gender roles? What does someone offering to pay for a date mean […]

  • Am I comfortable or am I too complacent?

    What causes complacency in a relationship? How do I bring the spark back?  How do I save a dead bedroom? What are the signs of a complacent relationship? How do […]

  • When do I text back? Texting etiquette

    After they text me, how long before I’m supposed to text back? If i respond immediately, will I look desperate? Has modern dating changed how we communicate over the phone? […]

  • It’s not you, it’s me. Classic cop-outs

    Why do we use breakup lines when ending things? Is there a good time to use cop-outs? Why do we use cop-outs when we can just tell the truth? Should […]

  • Am I too picky? Non-negotiables

    Religion, height? How much do these things matter when choosing a partner? Are we becoming too picky of a generation. Are we making it more difficult to find someone? When […]

  • Does monogamy still exist?

    We discuss how the definition of monogamy has changed and become more fluid over the years. Does it still exist? As our world continues to become more connected through social […]