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  • Can relationships survive cheating?

    Can you forgive someone who has cheated on you? How can we take a mature approach to continuing the relationship? What are some of the dependencies on figuring out if […]

  • Meeting their parents

    Where should I meet their parents? When should you meet the parents? Why does it take so long to meet parents for some people? Should you push your partner to […]

  • Meeting their friends

    What to expect when meeting their friends for the first time? Where should we meet? What are some of the Dos and Donts when first meeting? What should you do […]

  • How to argue in a relationship

    How should I argue with my partner effectively? Can I effectively get my points across over the phone? Is there a right time to bring up an argument? What should […]

  • How many dates before we’re exclusive?

    Does the talk need to happen? How do you have that talk? Is being exclusive take away the need for the talk? Should relationships have deadlines and ultimatums? Is having […]

  • New relationship, who dis?

    Why do some people change when they start a new relationship? Is it easy to lose friends when you’re in a relationship? Is there a certain type of person who […]

  • Does sex equal attachment

    Why is there a myth that women are clingy after having sex for the first time with a new partner? Why are men not so attached after having sex? Do […]

  • Do soulmates exist?

    What is a soulmate supposed to be? Is there someone out there for everyone? Does your idea of soulmate change over time? Does it come around only once? Does there […]

  • FOMO

    Is the fear of missing out while in a relationship normal? What does it say about the relationship? Can having FOMO while being single hurt your chances of having a […]

  • Social media jealousy

    What does a like really mean? Should I be jealous when my partner comments on a picture on social media? Should my partner be heavily involved in social media while […]