Recent Episodes

  • How does #MeToo affect society and dating?

    What is the #MeToo movement and how does it affect our social life and dating? In this episode, we take a look at the history and the many events that have happened to spur the popularity of the #MeToo movement.

  • Dating safety

    You’ve found a great prospect and they’ve asked you out on a date. You’ve never met this person so naturally you feel a bit cautious. What steps can you take […]

  • How to be a supportive partner during tough times

    Although relationships have its high points, there are also the lesser talked about low points. While your partner might be going through a low in their lives, it is very […]

  • Red flags in a relationship

    Before getting into a relationship or while in a relationship, certain red flags come up that we miss. We take a look at few of the red flags that you […]

  • How do I stand out on dating apps?

    Taking that step into online dating is a big decision in its self. But what about creating your profile? How can someone stand out in a long list of potential […]

  • Do I take his last name?

    Whether to hyphenate your last name, take his name or even to create a completely brand new name, this is a decision that will follow you wherever your name will […]

  • Where do I go on a first date?

    Introducing our First Date System. Planning your first date is the most important for first impressions. Where should you go? Where should you avoid going? In this episode we take […]

  • Interracial relationships

    Since the legalization of interracial marriages in the US, interracial marriages have increased more than 5 times, but is that enough? As the hosts of the Before Anyone Else podcast […]

  • Dating young vs old

    Going beyond the usual societal norms of dating within a close age gap, some people choose to date much younger or much older. Age sometimes effects dating experience, commitment and […]

  • It’s ok to be single. It’s ok to be in a relationship.

    Is it better to be single or is it better to be in a relationship. We explore the different scenarios of how someone can benefit being in both situations. How […]