Niche Dating Apps

In the world of dating apps, there isn’t a lack of options. There are about as many dating apps on the scene as people to meet. While options can be a good thing, is there such a thing as too many? The criteria people are using to find the “right” partner varies and having things in common can seem like a good thing. However, do niche dating apps really help us find a better partner? Do we truly know what we want and need? The hosts explore niche dating apps that exist today from Align, the dating app matching people based on horoscopes to Veggie Mate, helping vegetarians find a healthy match. Is there such a thing as “too niche”?

In this episode

  • The pros and cons of niche dating apps
  • Do they serve a real purpose in the modern dating landscape?
  • Where do we draw the line for niche dating apps? 
  • How well do people know what they’re looking for in a partner? Are we limiting ourselves from finding something great?
  • Do niche dating apps encourage stereotypes?
  • We share the best ways to avoid falling into the traps of niche dating apps

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