Moving to another country with your partner

This week on the podcast Keith speaks to Joy Fajardo, a marketing professional living in PEI, Canada. Joy and her husband moved from The Philippines to Singapore and more recently to Canada. As they start a new life in a new country together, Joy shares the conversations and experiences that led them to making a big life decision despite having different perspectives.

  • How to get on the same page when you want different things
  • How immigrating to a new country can affect your relationship with your partner
  • Addressing fears and concerns about moving to a new country and starting a new life together
  • Why communication is key to expressing your goals to your partner


  • Lean into scary topics like immigrating – it can only make your relationship stronger
  • Listen to your partners perspectives, big decisions affect both of you
  • Be a team player and trust that your partner can handle your unfiltered thoughts (your partner is your partner for a reason)
  • Consider the timing of your communication


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