Married and living with parents

A recently married millennial couple, who recently moved back in with his parents, talk to us about what happens post-wedding and what to consider when living with in-laws. This week, the hosts of BAE podcast welcome David and Rebecca Dapaah. As millennials face unique lifestyle and financial challenges, more are opting to make the move back home. But how do you navigate this environment with your partner while married?

  • New reasons for living with your parents
  • Putting old societal views on living at home to rest
  • Navigating finances as newlyweds
  • How to change your mindset and fight societal expectations
  • How to communicate when making the decision to move back home
  • How to spend quality time together when living in a full-house 
  • How do you adapt your goals or lifestyle when sharing a space


  • Short term pain for long term gain – sacrifices can get you ahead in the long term
  • Communicate your comfort levels, often, with your partner 
  • Share your choice with friends to give them more insight into your decision


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