Love spells, witchcraft and tarot readings

How can you use love spells and the power of spiritual consulting to improve relationship dynamics? The hosts of BAE podcast speak to a witch, tarot teacher, and tarot reader. Sabrina shares how she helps couples use spirituality to troubleshoot their relationships and understand their dating/relationship future.

  • What kinds of love spells and rituals can people use to ignite a romance, thrive during a breakup, cut ties with an ex, etc.?
  • Are there dangers of using tarot to plan for the future of your relationship?
  • What are the limitations of tarot and spiritual consulting for relationships?
  • How can couples use tarot reading sessions to discover more about their relationship dynamics?
  • How can people use energy to manifest better dating and relationship environments?


  • In the realm of spiritual consulting, you always have a choice.
  • Spiritual consultants can act as guides to help you come to conclusions on your own