Healing after a breakup

How can you live your best single life? Tenika from unattached and unbothered joins the hosts of BAE podcast to discuss how to heal after a breakup. Discover her movement to empower the single woman and teach them how to hear their own voice again.

  • How do you heal and make yourself ready to date others after a breakup?
  • Why working on the relationship with yourself can improve other relationships?
  • How to stay positive through dating/societal standards
  • How can others support you during a breakup
  • Does self-love mean no dating? 
  • Can you date yourself while dating other people? 
  • How do you know when you’re ready to date again or get into a relationship?


  • Get comfortable with spending time with yourself and introspect after a breakup
  • Get clear on your non-negotiables with future partners
  • Set boundaries for people’s commentary on your life decisions


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