Family Pressures: From Marriage to Divorce with Netflix’s Dating Around’s Gurki Basra

Most of us remember the notorious episode of the Netflix show Dating Around where Punjabi-American, Gurki Basra experienced a heated culture clash on one of her dates. After sharing her divorce and parents arranged marriage – Gurki was met with a less than understanding date who questioned how her culture had played a role in her decisions.

The date went viral. Streams of fans were left impressed with Gurki’s composure during the cringeworthy exchange.

This week, the hosts of BAE Podcast speak to Netflix’s Dating Around’s Gurki Basra about her experiences being a divorced South Asian woman, being gaslit on television, and how her parents arranged marriage has formed her views on dating and relationships.

  • An inside perspective on how Gurki felt during her Dating Around appearance and why she didn’t accept a second date
  • The sociocultural pressures of getting married and the stigma of getting divorced
  • Marriage: the glorification, big business, and family dynamics in Indian cultures
  • Dating and relationship taboos – why relationships are celebrated while being single is shamed
  • Challenging the classic commentary surrounding dating and relationships from family
  • Preconceptions of arranged marriages


  • Divorce isn’t always sad – sometimes we can be empowered by our decision to leave the wrong relationship
  • Ask your your loved ones better questions – are you happy? versus when are you getting married?
  • How cultural practices can work for some people but aren’t right for everyone
  • How complete honesty even when it causes waves can actually lead to deeper relationships with the people closest to you


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