Baseball Wives

Everybody talks about the star, but rarely does the spotlight shine on the baseball wives and girlfriends (WAGs). This week the hosts of BAE podcast speak to Erika Richardson, the wife of professional baseball player Dustin Richardson. She shares how she’s been able to establish her own career path while dating and ultimately marrying a pro ball player. Erika helps reveal some of the misconceptions about the world of WAGs.

  • Are the popular WAG shows we see on tv realistic?
  • How to establish your own identity and career-path
  • How to support your partner during the ups and downs of their athletic journey
  • How do you maintain a trusting relationship when your partner travels often for their job
  • The challenges of financial planning when the future is uncertain


  • Communicate your needs and fears often even when it’s challenging
  • Discover ways to pursue your own passions, careers goals, and interests
  • Support each other throughout the ups and downs of your career (the breadwinner in your relationship may change)
  • Only travel for your partner if it feels right to the both of you


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