Is it Okay to Have Racial Preferences in Dating?

As we move into a more diverse dating scene, are we actually dating with open minds and open hearts? Does preferring to date a specific race mean you are being prejudice? From stereotypes to self-hate, where do these preferences come from? In this episode we explore whether or not it’s okay to have a type when it comes to race and how socialization can play a role in forming these attitudes.

In this episode

  • Where do our preferences for dating and relationships stem from? We discuss factors such as bias from socialization and early childhood experiences as possible answers. Upon deeper reflection, the concept of racial self-hate is explored.
  • Furthering the discussion, we weigh in on the aspects of racial preference. From racial fetishization to backhanded compliments — are stereotypes ever positive?
  • The hosts unpack why we as a society attach certain positive stereotypes to certain races and negative stereotypes to others. 
  • Sharing pop culture examples of how the media plays a role in influencing the way we see race.
  • How dating apps highlight racial preference in dating. Should dating apps continue to filter based on race?