About Us

Before Anyone Else is about relationship stories from unique perspectives. Tackling tough topics and balancing it with the relatable anecdotes.
We create a safe space for voices that don’t have a platform in mainstream media. On it, you will hear stories from BIPOC and others about navigating modern dating and relationships. Tune in if you want to explore unconventional dating/relationship stories that will empower you to take charge of your own story.

Amanda speaks from her Indian heritage and a feminine lens, with a slightly more traditional viewpoint than her co-hosts. From dating apps to old flames, and everything in between, let’s get real – millennial dating is complicated. A lover of all things pop culture, she uses illustrative examples and anecdotes to help audiences relate. Who else wants to swipe for success on dating apps? Navigate parental pressures in dating and relationships? On Before Anyone Else she wants to help people balance cultural identities with the challenges of modern dating while sharing hilarious stories and #facts along the way.

Keith is a Sri Lankan Tamil Canadian providing a male perspective to the podcast. He grew up as a 1st generation immigrant who constantly has to battle between the two identities but feels he is able to navigate relationships better now. He believes that the people around him have grown up with similar stories as him and goes through the same challenges. This is what motivates him to put out content and have discussions that they are not alone. He continues to be interested in giving voices to people where he can help change views of people like us.

Joyce, partially due to her Nigerian roots, has been known to “tell it like it is”. On Before Anyone Else, she provides another female perspective, one that has dabbled in various forms of millennial dating (fixed by friends, meet-cutes, and apps) and now finds herself in a long-term relationship. She pulls from her own stories and the collective experiences of her girlfriends through the years — whether it’s meeting the parents, culture clash, long-distance relationships,  moving in together, and marriage — there’s a lot to discuss.

Joyce strongly believes in the power of storytelling. We’ve all been through certain challenges but these experiences are rarely reflected in a way that’s real or relatable (hello Hollywood). That’s where Before Anyone Else comes in — so grab a glass, let’s talk, learn and love.

Special Thank You to Marie-Hélène Goulet for our Podcast Cover.